Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Updating a Christmas Tradition

We have many Christmas traditions in my family, and like everyone, you don't always know it's a tradition until the kids start asking you why you haven't done a certain activity yet, or baked a certain cookie yet. "Oh, I guess it's next on my to-do list." Ta-da! It's a tradition. 

One of those for us, is to trace our feet and hands and make construction paper reindeer each year. It's silly and quick, but also very fun. Especially when you have a baby in the family. To see a teeny little reindeer next to big brother or big sister's reindeer is so sweet. 

I pulled out last year's reindeer and decided to laminate them (my best purchase this year was a good quality, double roller laminator), to help them last longer and not get crumpled. However, it seemed to me that I could make them more "3-D." And so...I got some felt and built some pillows out of them. I think they turned out really cute. So far, I just have the tops made, but I wanted to post them to share. 

I love them! I do have the urge to embellish them like crazy, though. Maybe next year I'll choose some bold colors and go crazy. My daughter is an accessory addict and she has crazy wild hair. I think I could really "fancy up" her pillow. My oldest son wears glasses. Those would be easy to stitch on too. And of course, some sequins can't hurt. 

For this batch, though, I'm keeping them simple. ***See the finished product HERE!


Lindi said...

They are sooo coool! Wish I knew about them when my kids were young. Oh well, maybe when I have some Grandchildren...

MaryAnne said...

I love the felt version!

michele said...

that's the cutest stinkin' idea!! i am sooo trying it--can't wait to see my big 13-year-olds next to the baby's! hehe.


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